Sider Rottami Adriatica S.p.a is a leading company in the area of scrap management, founded in the early years of the 20th century in Pesaro, Italy. Comes to life with the goal of gathering metals and other types of recyclable waste. Following the end of World War II, the company grew thanks to the construction of a 50,000-square-metre-plus stocking and processing area.

  • The ISO-9000 (quality-management certification) and the ISO-14000 (environmental-management certification) bear witness to the company’s potential. Besides operating in waste management, Sider Rottami Adriatica S.p.a. guarantees the monitoring of radioactive sources (in its own as well as at other facilities), digital proof of transport and transformation and protection of intellectual property in the processes of elimination of obsolete materials.

  • Our experience in handling scrap and our professional competence in supplying top-quality material, have both made it possible for the company to expand. We have two points of reference in Central Italy (the headquarters in Pesaro and the facility in Jesi), and we also operate in other parts of the world thanks to business relationships with Russia, China, India, Japan and Thailand.


  • Purchase and collection of ferrous scrap
  • Purchase and collection of metal scrap
  • Storage and processing of waste electrical and electronic wastes equipment (WEEE)
  • Crushing, selection and processing of materials
  • Shearing in our own and other facilities
  • Compacting in our own and other facilities
  • Supply of high-quality raw materials
  • Transport (including intermodal) of special refuse wastes
  • Recycling or disposal of industrial refuse wastes
  • Delivery, pick-up and handling of homologated/approved movable containers
  • Collection and disposal of accumulators and dead lead batteries
  • Monitoring of radioactive sources in our own or other facilities with the use of fixed or mobile devices
  • Digital proof of transport, transformation and destruction
  • Traceability and warranty of protection of intellectual property in the processes of elimination of obsolete materials
  • High-tech industrial demolitions
  • Destruction of obsolete components with protection of intellectual property

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• Jesi plant authorization n.25/2008 from 8-4-2008 & s.m. (Download PDF)
• Autorizzazione AIA Impianto di Pesaro, Det. n. 484 del 15/05/2019 (Download PDF 1) / (Download PDF 2)
• CAT 8: Intermediazione rifiuti (Download PDF)


• Transport authorization Category 1 (Download PDF) /registration at the National Register of Environmental Managers
• Transport authorization Category 4 (Download PDF)
• Transport Category 5 authorization for hazardous waste (Download PDF)
• RSM (Download PDF)


• Iso-9000 (Download PDF)
• Iso-14000 (Download PDF)
• Certificato333 (Download PDF)
• Certificato715 (Download PDF)


• AQSIQ2015-2018 (Download PDF)

via delle Acacie
61100 Pesaro (PU)
T. +39 0721 201046
F. +39 0721 201426

via Fontedamo
60035 Jesi (AN)
T. +39 0731 605757
F. +39 0731 605757

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